About Momo

 "If I create from the Heart,

   nearly everything works;
   if from the head, almost nothing".

                    -Marc Chagall

​​Equal parts angel and trouble maker.
 Maureen’s work is powerful, intuitive, deeply empathetic, and naughty.  Her art connects deeply with people, fosters understanding, and will make you breathe deeper.
Unable to draw, but inspired to express herself on the page, Maureen fell in love with collage!
“It was the beginning for me of being able to express myself confidently on paper”
In 2005 she went back to study at Santa Monica College, where Photoshop and computer software studies were offered, opening the door to digital art.
“It helped me to meld images in a new and original manner, bringing all my passions and interests together on one canvas. These classes and the ability I gained opened a whole new world for me. I have had many teachers and mentors along the way, including Sebastian Michaels, who helps computer artists blow the lid off their limitations.”
From the beginning Maureen’s artworks have struck a cord.  Her first solo art show at the much loved Los Angeles institution, Mystic Journey Bookstore, was the most successful art show in the store’s history.
“I was lead to this wonderful creative opportunity by divine guidance, moving from one step to another, all in a natural progression.  
Art is a spiritual path, there is something spiritual about creating art and I am so grateful I have found my way. 

I hope you enjoy what you see!"
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